What is the Straight Up betting system?

Straight Up bets in online roulette are high-risk bets. Learn how to use a betting device to cover all of your bases.
In online roulette, the Straight Up bet is the most straightforward wager. It’s a simple bet on a single number appearing, and if it does, you’ll win 35/1.

Straight Up numbers pay the highest payouts in roulette, but they’re also the most difficult to reach, even before factoring in the house edge.

However, with some forethought, you can set aside your red and black bets and employ some clever Straight Up betting tactics to increase your long-term prospects.

1 – Betting on huge numbers

Every roulette table in the world has a story to tell. In reality, by observing the previous 10 or 20 numbers that have appeared on a wheel, you can monitor its history.

The Big Number technique uses both hot and cold numbers to its benefit. In effect, you’re placing bets on the table’s hottest number. You place your bets on 36 Red if it appears three times in the last 20 spins.

Although roulette is a completely random game, streaks may and do happen at the table.

2 – The System of 11 Numbers

On some online roulette sites, the 11 Numbers technique has gained a lot of traction. The scheme involves placing a wager on 11 numbers based on the last number spun.

Take the most recent number spun and put a Straight Up bet on it, as well as the five numbers on either side of it, on the wheel.

If the last number spun was 15, for example, you can bet on:

35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25 35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25 35-3-26-0-32-15

The 11 Numbers strategy is built to cover “hot” numbers and their neighbors. Of course, there are no biased wheels on the internet, and each spin is unrelated to the previous one.

But first, let’s take a look at the numbers.

You are betting £11 on each spin. To make 35/1, a £24 profit on a winning spin, you just need to hit one number.

The 11 Numbers plan is grouped with the Five Quads staking plan because it covers so many choices.

3 – The two-bet unit strategy

The 2-bet unit system first appeared on YouTube in 2016 and has since become extremely popular among roulette players.

If you’re in a losing situation, the scheme works in groups of 30 spins, with the stakes doubling after each group. So you’d start with 30 spins at £1, then move on to 30 spins at £3 each, and finally 30 spins at £9.

The issue with any negative progression scheme is that losses will mount quickly before a winner emerges.

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Straight Up bets in online roulette have the highest odds, with a 35/1 payout. The chances of hitting a Straight Up number, on the other hand, are slim.

Straight Up bets have the most excitement and the highest payouts for action fans. However, using a cover technique is a viable alternative.

You don’t have to bet on every single number on the table, but you should aim to diversify your wagers. Combine a few Straight Up numbers with a column (2/1) or even-money bet such as red or black.

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